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Corporate Bodies

The board of directors (appointment date 27/05/2021)

Bruno Pascoli
Chairman of the Board of Directors since 30/11/2021
Substitute declaration

Aniello Semplice
Advisor and Managing Director
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Narciso Gaspardo
Substitute Declaration

Angelo Costa
Substitute Declaration

Federica of the Ivanissevich
Councilor since 22/11/2021
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Board of Auditors

Alberto Cappel
President - appointment date 27/10/2020
Substitute declaration

Silvano Galeotto
Actual Mayor - date of appointment 27/10/2020
Substitute declaration

Andrea Missana
Effective Mayor - date of appointment 27/10/2020
Substitute Declaration

Raffaele Maria Cucchi
Deputy Mayor - appointment date 27/10/2020
Substitute declaration

Alessandro Pampuri
Deputy Mayor - date of appointment 27/10/2020
Substitute declaration

Types of Administrative Procedures

Given the nature of its activity, TPL FVG Scarl does not implement administrative procedures, let alone procedures that deviate from ordinary procedures.

It exercises, through personnel expressly authorized for this, control functions on the regularity of travel tickets, carried out as provided by art. 35, LR FVG August 20, 2007, n. 23.

Detailed information on the exercise of this function and on the application of administrative penalties can be found in the Services Regulation, located in the Travel Information section of the company website.

Tender Notices

As stipulated in the contract for the management of local public transport signed with the FVG Region on November 15, 2019, the TPL FVG Scarl, being a Consortium, carries out the service through its associated companies; therefore, since the signing of the service contract, the TPL FVG Scarl has not initiated tender procedures for the assignment of services, supplies, works and constructions.

For further information, you are invited to view what has been published by the individual consortium companies, also with reference to their respective Suppliers Registers.

Transparency of Contracts

Fulfillments L. 190/2012

Considering the art. 1 - paragraph 32 - of the L. 06/11/2012 n. 190;
considering the art. 37 - paragraph 1 - of the D.L.vo 14/03/13 n. 33;
considering the AVCP resolution 22/05/13 n. 26
considering the Announcement of the AVCP President 13/06/2013

In this section, the information referred to in the recalled regulations is published, through files in xml format that can be freely consulted.

Data for the year 2022

Data for the year 2021

Data for the year 2020

Data for the year 2019

Data for the year 2018

Data for the year 2017

Subsidies, contributions, grants, economic benefits

The TPL FVG Scarl does not provide, within the scope of its public interest functions, the institutional granting of subsidies, contributions, grants, and financial aids to companies and in any case economic benefits of any kind to public and private individuals and entities.


TPL FVG Scarl manages Local Public Transport services in the territory of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region since June 11, 2020. Therefore, it provides for the publication of the budget starting from that related to the 2020 fiscal year.

2021 Financial Statement

2020 Financial Statement

Services provided

Accounted Costs: all data related to the accounted costs of the services provided to users can be consulted in the Budgets section.

Customer satisfaction: Service Charter

Class Action: there are no appeals proposed by holders of homogeneously legally relevant interest against the company.

Public Works Programming Acts

TPL FVG Scarl does not carry out public works.

Environmental Information

TPL FVG provides local public transport services through its consortium companies, therefore it does not have a direct impact on the environment. For further information, it is possible to consult the institutional websites of the consortium companies.

Other contents

Civic Access

Article 5 of Legislative Decree no. 33/2013 introduced the new institution of so-called "civic access", which guarantees anyone the right to access data and documents held by the Company in addition (i.e. generalized access) to those subject to publication obligations (i.e. simple access) in compliance with the limits related to the protection of legally relevant interests, as provided for by Article 5-bis and the ANAC Guidelines.

The generalized civic access is, therefore, exercisable in relation to the data and documents held by public administrations, in addition to those for which there is already a specific obligation to publish.

Template for submission of access requests:
Civic access form
Simple civic access form

Requests for civic access can be sent to the Head of the Board of Directors' Secretariat using the attached model above:

  • to the certified email address:
  • via registered mail R/R to the address Via Caduti di An Nasiriyah, 6, 34170 Gorizia GO
  • to the email address

The holder of the substitute power, which can be activated in case of delay or no response, is identified as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

Access Log

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