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Reorganization of urban service Pordenone summer 2023

From Monday, June 12, 2023, with the start of the summer schedule, the routes and schedules of the Pordenone urban service lines have been redefined, to allow you to move from the outskirts to the center in 15 minutes.

Below you will find routes and schedules of the new weekday lines:

LINE R CC Meduna – via Udine – B.go Meduna - Civil Hospital – Cadoro - Pordenone – San Giorgio Clinic - Villanova

LINE 2 CC Meduna – Pasch – Tower – via Revedole - Pordenone

LINE 3 Roveredo - Via San Quirino - Pordenone

LINE 4 Cordenons - Main Street - Internal Street - Pordenone

LINE 4/ Sant’Antonio – Porcia – Pordenone

LINE 5 Cordenons – via Sclavons – Pordenone

LINE 5/ Sant’Antonio - Venezia Avenue - via del Troi - Pordenone

LINE 6 Porcia via Vietti – Rorai Grande – Pordenone

LINE 7 Vallenoncello – San Gregorio – Via Mestre - Pordenone

LINE 8 Tower - Liberty Avenue - Pordenone - Cervignano Square

LINE 9 Cordenons – via Sclavons - Health Citadel

U LINE CC Meduna – University – B.go Meduna - Pordenone

Stops at Viale Trento and Piazza Risorgimento (in front of the post office):
can alternatively be used at the stops at Viale Marconi 67, Viale Dante 19, Piazza Risorgimento (Fountain) and Via Borgo Sant’Antonio.

Download the map of the new service valid from August 7

You can find all the new schedules in the “Services and Schedules” section.


The routes will pass through the train station or at the stop on Borgo Sant’Antonio street (200m from the station, about 3 minutes walk) to optimize exchanges with departing and arriving trains:

Partenze per Venezia minuto 44 minuto 11
Arrivi da Venezia minuto 13 minuto 46
Partenze per Udine minuto 15 minuto 48
Arrivi da Udine minuto 42 minuto 09

Furthermore, from August 7:

The following connections with line R are planned to link the neighborhoods to the Civil Hospital:

  • Stop at Marconi Avenue 67: line 2 (Pasch), line 4 (Cordenons via Stradelle), line 5 (Cordenons via Sclavons), line 8 (Torre);
  • Stop at Borgo S. Antonio: line 4/ (Porcia) - 7 (Vallenoncello), line U (Borgo Meduna);
  • Stop at via della Ferriera (milling company): line 5/ (Porcia and Viale Venezia), line 6 (Porcia center and Rorai).

The following connections between lines will usually be present:

  • FS Station:
    the line 4 from Cordenons continues with line 4/ to Porcia via Roveredo;
    the line 5/ from Porcia continues with line 5 to Cordenons via Montello;
    the line R from CC Meduna continues with line R to Villanova and Civil Hospital;
  • Borgo S. Antonio:
    the line 7 continues with line 6 to Porcia via Vietti;
    the line 4/ from Porcia continues with line 5/ to Porcia Papa Giovanni/via Puccini.

You can find all the new schedules in the section "Services and Schedules"

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