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All travel information at your smartphone's reach, purchase included.

The TPL FVG app gives you the ability to always be connected with all travel information and to purchase tickets wherever you are: you just need a smartphone.
Search in the App Store of your device for the TPL FVG app, download it for free and create your user profile.

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Route calculation

Enter your starting point and destination and the app shows you with clear and intuitive graphics all available travel solutions with distance, journey time, number of changes, route on map, ticket price up to the shopping cart for purchase. You can save your favourite searches or consult the details of all stops on the route and any connections.


Stops and timetables

Enter your address (town, street, square): the app displays all the nearest bus stops and the lines that run through them in a list and on a map. You will be able to know the distance of the stop from your address, choose the time slot that interests you most and also view the status of each route directly on the map in real time: where the bus is, whether it is moving, whether it is on time, whether it is arriving at your stop.



Up-to-date information, alerts on route changes or service interruptions, alerts on the expiry of your subscription: in this section you will find all the information and news updated in real time that you can set up according to your notification needs.


Purchasing tickets

Through the app you can purchase all types of tickets, urban, suburban or mixed.
The system accepts all major credit cards, which you must enter when registering. You can also create your own "purse" from which the individual amounts of tickets purchased will be deducted each time.

One-way or daily city tickets:

  1. Within the App, type in the search field the municipality within which you are located or where the system has automatically geolocated you (if you have geolocation services activated)
  2. Select the ticket (one-way or daily), read the specific information on the ticket (validity, location, validation, costs, payment method, etc.) and select the municipality in which you intend to use it (one of the 7 provided)
  3. Complete payment: if you choose phone credit, the App sends an SMS and scales the credit from your Sim, if you choose credit card, you will have to enter your card details.

Suburban or mixed tickets:

  1. In the travel planner, type in your stop or municipality of departure and arrival.
  2. Choose from the proposed solutions which journey is right for you
  3. Click on the shopping cart to proceed with the purchase of your ticket.

Once you have completed your purchase, your ticket will be displayed in the app in the "My tickets" section, so that you can show it in the event of a check by our verification staff.


  • Recharging your credit in the TPLFVG app allows you to purchase all available services more quickly and conveniently. Simply click on the profile icon on the app's home page and open the 'Top up credit' section.
  • Once you have selected the recharge amount you want to use, you can choose from the many payment methods available: Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards, Masterpass, cash at one of the 40,000 points, SisalPay throughout Italy, Satispay, PostePay.
  • If you do not have a registered card, you can add one by filling in the required fields and choosing a PIN code associated with it to authorise each purchase. If, on the other hand, you already have a stored card, simply scroll to the button and enter the PIN Code.

REMEMBER that subscriptions are NOT purchasable from the app, but you can still buy or renew them online at the Web Purchase page
Once your purchase is complete, your subscription will also be displayed in the app in the "My Titles" section, so you can show it in case of a verification by our verification staff.


My tickets

In this section of the app you will find a list of all your purchased tickets and passes.

Tickets must be validated as soon as you board the vehicle by framing the QR code that is clearly visible on board each vehicle.

Remember that in the event of an on-board check, you must show your validated ticket or season ticket from your smartphone.

convalida 2

As soon as you get on board the TPL FVG vehicles, you will find this sticker containing the QR Code to scan with your smartphone to validate the electronic ticket.

In the event that the system does not work or manual validation is required, instructions will appear directly on your mobile phone for manually entering the code related to your bus, printed at the top right of the sticker displayed on board.

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