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Charter of services

The Charter of services is an information tool for your best use of public transportation services. It states the service quality factors, sets out the results achieved and presents the goals for the current year. 

The Charter of services is the operational tool through which TPL FVG pursues continuous improvement in the quality of its services.

Indeed, local public transportation is one of the most distinctive and most perceived elements of an area: it contributes to improving the quality of life, making suburban areas accessible, and shaping social and cultural habits and patterns.

Tpl Fvg is aware of its role and responsibility and develops actions and behaviors consistent with the values, culture and expectations of the area, to protect the rights and needs of citizens and to ensure the efficiency, continuity and impartiality of the local public transport service.

The Charter of services is not just an informative document, but a true means of communication between the company and its customers, aimed at the best use of the service. The Charter is a model that each year encapsulates the objectives and principles that govern the company's daily activities:

  • states the service quality factors
  • sets out the results achieved
  • presents goals for the current year.

TPL FVG is committed to adhering to inalienable principles with its actions:

Equality and impartiality: there is no distinction on the basis of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, ethnic origin, national origin, religion or belief for accessibility of services.
Equal treatment must be guaranteed both between different geographical areas and between different categories of users. Tpl Fvg takes all necessary measures to ensure that the elderly and people with disabilities or reduced mobility have access to transportation services and infrastructure.

Continuity: Tpl Fvg ensures the continuity and regularity of the local public transport service, except in cases where the operation of the service or the safety of travel is compromised by external factors, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters or other causes of force majeure.

Safety: it is a priority and inalienable element. Therefore, Tpl Fvg is committed to providing its users, in every situation, with services that meet the highest standards of travel safety.

Participation: understood as constant confrontation with the customer who has the right to make comments and provide suggestions for service improvement, including through representative bodies.

Freedom of choice: Within the scope of its responsibilities, Tpl Fvg must guarantee citizens' right to mobility by taking initiatives to facilitate and promote freedom of choice among multiple modal solutions.

Efficiency and effectiveness: Tpl Fvg takes all appropriate measures to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of local public transport service on a daily basis.

Quality: technological innovation, modernization, environmental sustainability and customer centricity are the principles that inspire those who work for Tpl Fvg every day.

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