Discounted bus passes

The discounted bus passes are bus passes issued to people with disabilities or invalidity who meet the requirements set out in Article 34 of the regional law of August 20, 2007, no. 23. They are valid for 12 calendar months and allow travel on the entire network of the urban service indicated on the bus pass or, if the bus pass relates to the suburban service, on a maximum of five routes chosen by the customer.

The annual cost of discounted bus passes is equal to 1.5% of the corresponding standard fare. The cost doubles in the event that the entitled individual requires a companion.

Discover the rates for discounted urban bus passes.

Discover the rates of discounted bus passes for suburban services

If you are applying for the concession for the first time, first of all, you need to contact the competent offices of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region which will certify the possession of the requirements. The contact details of the regional offices are available on this page of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region's website.

Once the possession of the requirements has been certified, you can personally go to a company ticket office with a valid identity document. If you are unable to go to the ticket office, you can delegate a family member, the support administrator, or the category association to which you belong.

Remember that the bus pass can only be issued after obtaining certification of the requirements from the Region.


The authorized Tpl Fvg ticket offices for the issuance of discounted bus passes are:

Apt Gorizia

  • Gorizia (Martiri per la libertà d'Italia Square, inside the train Station);
  • Monfalcone (via Fratelli Rosselli 13);
  • Grado (Carpaccio Square);
  • Trieste (9 Libertà Square, inside the bus station);

Arriva Udine

  • Udine (95 Europa Unita Avenue, opposite the train station, only on Tuesday and Thursday);
  • Udine (37 Europa Unita Avenue, bus station, only on Tuesday and Thursday);
  • Tolmezzo (via Carnia Libera 1944, 45, bus station);
  • Latisana (via Beorchia, bus station);
  • Cervignano (11 Marconi Square, bus station);

Atap Pordenone

  • Pordenone (Caduti di Nassiriya e di tutte le Missioni di Pace Square, 1);
  • Spilimbergo (via Ponte Roitero 2);

Trieste Trasporti

  • Trieste (via dei Lavoratori 2, only from the 10th to the 25th of each month, preferably by bookable appointment or through the call center).

The certification issued by the Region can be permanent or subject to review: therefore, if you intend to renew your bus pass, make sure that the certification issued by the Region has not expired. If the certification is still valid, you can go directly to the company ticket offices for renewal.

The discounted bus pass is nominal and personal and only includes the name of the entitled person: if the beneficiary is entitled to a companion, you can choose at the time of purchase whether the bus pass should include this or not.
The name of the companion is never indicated on the bus pass: however, the beneficiary, in case this option is exercised, is obliged to travel with a companion who does not necessarily have to be the same person every time.

Discounted bus passes are always excluded from maritime lines.

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