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Privacy and GDPR

Dear User,

In the context of carrying out local public transport and related services, TPL FVG S.C.A.R.L. operates in a co-ownership regime, as per art. 26 GDPR, together with the entities indicated below.

Joint data controllers contact
TPL FVG Scarl,
Registered office: via Caduti di An Nasiriyah 6, 34170 Gorizia
tax number and VAT number 01024770313
Tel. 0481 519568
ATAP S.p.a.,
Registered office: Via Vendramino Candiani, 26, 33170 Pordenone,
tax number and VAT number 00188590939
Tel. 0434 224411
Fax 0434 224410
APT Gorizia S.p.A.,
Registered office: via Caduti di An Nasiriyah 6, 34170 Gorizia,
tax number and VAT number 00505830315
Tel. 0481 593511
Fax 0481 593555
Arriva Udine S.p.A.,
Registered office: Via del Partidor 13, 33100 Udine,
tax number and VAT number 02172710309
Tel 0432 608111
Fax 0432 608807
Trieste Trasporti S.p.A.  
Registered office: Via dei Lavoratori 2, 34144 Trieste,
tax number and VAT number 00977240324
Tel. 040 7795111
Fax 040 7795257

The co-ownership agreement was signed by the above-mentioned parties on May 19, 2020. If desired, an extract of the same can easily be requested via email to each of the co-owners.

For any request related to the processing of personal data in the performance of local Public Transport and the services connected to it, to obtain information on the processing of personal data or to exercise the rights under articles 15 and following of the GDPR, you can directly contact the DPO of TPL FVG S.C.A.R.L. The request will possibly be managed together with the DPOs of the other joint controllers involved in the processing, whose contact details are anyway available in the relative "privacy" sections of the institutional websites.

Joint data controller name and contacts RDP – DPO
TPL FVG S.C.AR.L Studio legale Avv. Paolo Vicenzotto
Sede: Corso G. Garibaldi 4 – G (Pordenone)
Tel. 043 1856002

For the exercise of the Right to revoke consent (art. 13 paragraph II lett. C and art. 9 paragraph II lett. A), Right to access data (art. 15), Right to rectification (art. 16), Right to be forgotten (art. 17), Right to limit processing (art. 18), Right to portability (art. 20), you may use the following model:

to be sent to one or more of the co-holders (or respective RDP - DPO) to the addresses indicated in the tables above, duly completed and signed in accordance with DPR 445/00 and D.lgs 82/05.

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