You can request a refund for the ticket due to service anomalies directly attributable to TPL FVG according to the criteria indicated in the table at the bottom of the page.
No refunds are provided if the local public transport service suffers suspensions, interruptions or delays due to force majeure and not dependent on TPL FVG. 

How to request a refund

Submit your refund request to the TPL FVG customer service within 72 hours of the event, fully documenting the facts (location, day, time, line, stop), any expenses incurred to use substitute transport services and the IBAN code where the possible credit is to be made.

For the request, fill out the appropriate form that you can find on this page or at the company ticket offices.

Once the disruption has been confirmed, the refund will occur within 20 working days from the request.
For tickets purchased online and from mobile devices with a credit card, the refund can only be made by re-crediting the same card with which you made the purchase.

There is no refund for travel tickets that you have not used (or that you have only partially used) by your choice or for personal reasons.

In the event that you purchase a bus pass or a ticket through an automatic dispenser and the device does not respond correctly to the instructions, does not dispense the correct change or does not issue the travel document you requested, you can request a refund by indicating the location where the device is installed, the anomaly encountered, the amount paid and any change not received.


Cancellation of the service; departure from the terminal with a delay of more than 30 minutes; departure from the terminal in advance; Travel by alternative vehicles or services, if available, or refund of the ticket with a 50% surcharge;
No connection at the stops, where provided, due to early departures or late arrivals due to causes attributable to TPL FVG; In the face of the exhibition of the subscription or the ticket duly validated, refund with 3 tickets for the route subject to the disruption and assistance for the continuation of the journey;
Modification of the conditions of the subscription held by the customer at the request of the same and for reasons that have occurred; Refund of unused portion;
Loss or damage of the wheelchair or other equipment or devices used by persons with disabilities or reduced mobility; Immediate provision of a wheelchair to allow the journey to continue;
All the disruptions listed in this table; Gift of a travel ticket to be used on the route affected by the disruption;
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