Family Formula

The Family Formula promotion allows families to make significant savings on the purchase of all types of bus passes (excluding discounted bus passes for people with disabilities under Article 34 of LR August 20, 2007, n. 23), thanks to the application of the following sliding scale of discounts:

- 20% off the second bus pass purchased

- 50% off the third bus pass purchased

- 70% on the fourth bus pass purchased and subsequent ones.

The reductions are applicable to bus passes issued with the same validity period (fortnightly, monthly, extended May to June days as per the school calendar, half-yearly, school, annual).
In the case of simultaneous purchases of multiple bus passes, the greater discount is applied to the bus pass with the highest rate.

The discounts are cumulative with the 50% reduction of the FVG Residents School Bus Pass and with the Over65 Formula.

Family Formula is a promotion dedicated to residents of Friuli Venezia Giulia only, and the benefit is not tied to income or ISEE limits.

To access the Family Formula discounts, it is necessary to register online and subscribe to the relevant self-certification by accessing the web ticketing portal.

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