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On this page, you can know in real time the status of each journey by entering the location or the single stop that interests you.
If, for example, you want to be sure that your bus is arriving, thanks to this system you can know its position and the arrival time at your stop, even before leaving home or leaving your desk.

Every vehicle in the TPL FVG fleet is, in fact, tracked by a GPS signal (Global Positioning System): this means that it is possible to know at any moment where it is, whether it is moving, if it is on time, if it is arriving at the stop.
The same convenience applies if you are at any TPL FVG stop. On every timetable, in fact, a QR Code is printed: by scanning it with a smartphone, it is possible to check the real-time schedule of the bus in transit and how many minutes are left before it arrives at your location.

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