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Build your own schedule

The easiest and quickest way to organize your favorite routes, trips and have only the schedules and stops you need at hand: thanks to this system, in fact, you can create, save and print your customized schedule by entering only the information you need.
For example, if you leave from the stop near your home in the morning always at the same time and take the bus in the afternoon between 6 and 7 to go back, you can create your own schedule by eliminating all the intermediate times and also all the stops that are not of interest to you, for an easy and convenient view.

To build your schedule, you need to access the reserved area from where you can manage and customize the information of your trips. Registration is essential to ensure that you can always access all your saved documents from any device, from desktop, from mobile and also from the TPL FVG app.

'Access the reserved area'

  1. Choose your bus line
  2. Display the timetable with all the bus stops and times of your line
  3. Delete with one click columns with bus runs at times you don’t need
  4. Delete with one click the intermediate stops that you do not want to see
  5. Save the final file in pdf format and print it on an A4 sheet, practical and handy to take with you!

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