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Are you a student? You can use the TPL FVG public transport to go to school or university with a special dedicated fare.
Not only that: if you are a resident of Friuli Venezia Giulia, you are entitled to the "FVG Resident School Bus Pass" established on the initiative of the FVG Region which allows a 50% saving on the cost of annual school bus passes.

The school transport services are carried out according to the official calendar issued by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.
You can purchase the school bus pass starting from August 21, 2023.

Who can apply for the school bus pass?
Students enrolled in compulsory and higher education schools, universities or equivalent higher institutes, with a maximum age of 26 years.

Who can apply for the FVG resident school bus pass?
Students who are officially residents in the regional territory, enrolled in compulsory and higher schools, universities or equivalent higher institutes, with a maximum age of 26 years.
All the requirements provided by the regulations are described on the FVG Resident School Bus Pass page of the FVG Region website.
It is always possible to purchase the FVG resident school bus pass for both the suburban and urban service (entire network or single line) without the need to change municipality or use multiple lines. The only condition is that the holder is regularly enrolled in a school and that they use the TPL services to get to school.

What services can you use with the FVG residents' school bus pass?
The main journey must necessarily be related to home-school transfers, but the school bus pass always includes unlimited trips, including non-school periods and holidays, on the extra-urban route and intermediate stops of the route, or on the city line or network subscribed without limitations within the validity of the same.

If you travel within the city (urban transport):
The network you can use is composed of the urban bus lines of your city and special school lines.
If you move around the regional territory (extra-urban transport)
The extra-urban service ensures transport from your starting stop (near where you live) to the study center that is part of the school you attend (round trip).
To get you to school on time, it may be necessary to make changes from the vehicle you came from to special "shuttle buses", both at arrival and departure times. It may be necessary to use an integrated extra-urban + urban bus pass.

How to apply for the FVG residents' concession?
All the details for submitting the self-certification for the concession request can be found on the page Bus pass for FVG resident students

Are you a university student and do not benefit from the FVG resident school bus pass?
The ARDiS - Regional Agency for the Right to Education - offers university students the opportunity to obtain discounts on the cost of TPL FVG bus passes for both urban and extra-urban rubber services.
The discount is reserved for students enrolled in Universities, Higher Institutes of university degree, Institutions of High Artistic and Musical Education with legal headquarters in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Higher Technical Institutes, as well as the Academy of Fine Arts G.B. Tiepolo, provided they are enrolled no later than the first year out of course with reference to the first year of enrollment at the University.
The discount consists of a 30% reduction in the cost of the school bus pass (10 months) or annual, and 20% on the semi-annual or monthly bus pass valid for an extra-urban route, for the entire urban service network or for both services.
The discount must be requested online from the Tpl Fvg webticketing platform, selecting from your personal area the voice REQUEST ARDIS. Once the discount application has been validated (validation may take a few days), you can proceed with the purchase of the bus pass online.
The discount is automatically applied by the system after placing the bus pass in the cart (obviously the condition is that the discount request for the current academic year has been regularly submitted by the customer and validated by the company).
Before proceeding with the purchase, it is recommended to check in your cart that the discount has been regularly applied.
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